Generally, how do hybrid batteries work and fail?
Every hybrid and electric vehicle battery is made of multiple batteries. Even your 12 volt battery is made of 6 smaller batteries referred to as cells.

In regular hybrids they are connected in series, one to another, positive to negative. Each time you add an additional battery in series the voltage increases. With this type of configuration high voltage can be easily achieved. However, just like older Christmas lights, if one fails the whole battery fails.
Why is "cell swapping" only a temporary fix?
When a hybrid battery fails it is usually because of one or two of the smaller batteries failed. So why not use a volt meter to find the bad ones and just replace them instead of replacing the whole thing?

Well, when one or two fail, there are always several others on the verge of failing too. Many people “cell swap” their Prius battery to get it working again, but it is almost always short lived. There are many YouTube videos claiming that they fixed their battery for $50 and it lasted them several more years.

This is a great method if you are in a pinch, but from our experience we have yet to see such good results from a “cell swap”. Using a volt meter to test hybrid batteries is a very crude method and only tells you if a battery is totally bad. It does not tell you if it will be failing soon. Professional test equipment is required to determine the remaining life in a battery and its overall state of health.
How do we test and remannufacture hybrid batteries?
We first disassemble the battery assembly to its bare battery. Once it reaches that point it is ready for testing. They then are put onto 2 different machines. The first simulates real life driving conditions.

Data is collected and stored. The second machine puts the battery on about a 5 day test (the quality of the battery and type of battery can extend this to up to 2 weeks). This second machine performs many more and different tests on the battery. This tells us everything about the battery; capacity, internal resistance, internal pressures, and several more dimensions of pertinent data.

At the end all of this the data is compiled and put through an algorithm which gives us an overall state of health. We are able too see which batteries will last another year or so and which ones can last another 7-8 years. Only the high scoring batteries are kept. The rest are sent to schools, recycling or electric bicycle projects.
Can I change my battery myself?
Yes! And we have the step-by-step videos to show you how to do it properly and safely. Almost all hybrid batteries and fairly simple to change. While there are some that require special tools they are not common. ALL of the batteries we sell online are easy to install. We provide step by step videos, list of basic tools needed, and free technical support with one of our ASE certified technicians.
How dangerous are hyrbrid batteries?
Most hybrid batteries range from 140-280 volts which can be painful at the least. This high voltage can be very dangerous but we feel that most of what we hear and read about the danger servicing these batteries is just stigma.

Fortunately, most are equipped with safety plugs, covers over the wires and bus bars, and redundancies that force you to disable the battery before removing or opening it. Once the safety plug is removed the voltage drops to a much lower level which is much safer and workable.

In our battery remanufacturing department, we do not use safety gloves when working with our batteries. It is not because we take risks or that we are very skilled. It is because once the safety plug is removed and the battery disabled, it is not possible to get a high voltage shock. Technically, it is possible to get a shock if you know exactly where to touch, but it is not realistic and at a much lower voltage.
What if I have a problem when installing my battery?
Simply call us and speak with one of our ASE certified technicians. We will walk you through the trouble shooting process and get your hybrid up and going again!
How long will it take to shp my battery?
Most batteries ship the same day if ordered before 2:00pm PST. Rebuild Kits take 1-3 days to arrive and complete battery assemblies take about 2-5 business days.
How long do your remanufactured batteries last?
After our testing, we are able to see virtually everything about each individual battery's state of health. That gives us the ability to predict life expectancy and performance. We segregate the batteries by their life expectancy into packs whick will last 3, 4, 5, and 6 years.

Which ever warranty you purchase, we make sure to exceed the life expectancy of your warranty by about 2 years. We offer up to 5 year warranty on our batteries.
What is a core charge and why is it required?
A core charge is a deposit to ensure that we recieve your old battery back. The old battery has value to us. We can fix some of them and recycle the rest. This helps us keep the cost of remanufacturing down which is how we are able to offer such low prices.
How cani have my battery installed into my vehicle?
1. Install it yourlself! We can provide instructional step by step videos, tools, and even technical support. Click here for more details.

2. In most cases, we can locate a repair facility near you. Average installation for a complete battery assembly is about $200-$300.

3. At our facility, we will install it for you at no charge.